Bishopscourt Residential Care in Cork introduced on a trial basis in April 2012 a percussion workshop to see if their residents would enjoy playing percussion as an activity, following a call from Peter Hill from Beatz.ie. Peter was delighted to be able to trial the percussion workshop and from what was a one off trial session has now turned into a fortnightly one and a half hour workshop.

The workshop was constructed as a joyous, fully interactive percussion workshop that is enjoyable and accessible to all, and to incorporate instruments and rhythms from different parts of the globe. The session is not solely about creating and joining in on world rhythms and song but also the workshops involve a small amount of arm movement and lifting, and also counting out the rhythms’.

A typical session would involve about 12 residents at Bishopscourt starting with small finger and hand warm up, and then a number of African and Latin based rhythms and songs would be sung and accompanied by tambourines, shakers, bells, and claves. 

TV3 News at Bishopscourt Residential Care reporting on the innovative therapy of Percussion introduced successfully by the Bishopscourt Residential Care Activities Team and the instructor Peter Hill


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